The SRT Academy is our online source of educational and therapeutic courses that teach you to look at healing and chronic pain management from the SRT Philosophy and address these issues through a Neuro-Myofascial based approach that brings in Physical, Energetic and Emotional components.

We offer Live Certification Classes that are always being added and updated on our website at

Enroll in any of our courses to access the course content and start your journey toward becoming a Certified SRT Specialist today.

The SRT certification clinic has been an amazing experience for the CNU-Fit Team and has been a beautiful and wonderful addition to our toolbox of healing holistic modalities. It has such a soft and gentle feel that it needs to be experienced to be fully understood how powerful it truly is. The clients and trainers have loved the ease of applications and the results it produces.

- Cnufit Team -

15 Icelandic Professionals & growing

Over 50 USA Professionals & growing

5 Canadian Professionals & growing


SRT Owner and Lead Educator

  • Specialist in Exercise Therapy
  • NeuroMyofascial Specialist
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Personal Trainer
  • Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Practitioner

We would like to say "Welcome" to our SRT Online Academy where you will learn more about Holistic Healing Therapies. It is our passion and purpose to share and grow SRT Therapy professionals throughout the world as healing emotional, energetic and physical traumas are more imperative than ever before. Chronic Pain is at the highest it's ever been and people need real solutions that address deeper systems including the nervous, fascial, lymphatic and belief systems.

We look forward to working with you on your SRT journey!